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Patchy's Game Appearances
File:CtC - Stage 3A Boss - Patchouli Knowledge's Theme Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret RoomFile:EoSD Patchouli's Theme Locked Girl ~ the Girl's Secret Room (Re-Extended)File:Example.jpg
File:Flandre Scarlet (19).jpgFile:Forum new.gifFile:Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room(Final Fantasy IV Soundfont Remix)
File:Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room - 8-bit RemakeFile:Patchouli 1.jpgFile:Patchouli 12.jpg
File:Patchouli 15.jpgFile:Patchouli 19.jpgFile:Patchouli 2.jpg
File:Patchouli 21.jpgFile:Patchouli 22.jpgFile:Patchouli 3.jpg
File:Patchouli 30.jpgFile:Patchouli 34.jpgFile:Patchouli 35.jpg
File:Patchouli 38.jpgFile:Patchouli 39.jpgFile:Patchouli 4.jpg
File:Patchouli 40.jpgFile:Patchouli 44.jpgFile:Patchouli 46.jpg
File:Patchouli 5.jpgFile:Patchouli 54.jpgFile:Patchouli 56.jpg
File:Patchouli 6.jpgFile:Patchouli 60.jpgFile:Patchouli 61.jpg
File:Patchouli 7.jpgFile:Patchouli 70.jpgFile:Patchouli 71.jpg
File:Patchouli 73.jpgFile:Patchouli 76.jpgFile:Patchouli 79.jpg
File:Patchouli 8.jpgFile:Patchouli 80.jpgFile:Patchouli 81.jpg
File:Patchouli 9.jpgFile:Patchy Spinning.gifFile:SWR - Patchouli Knowledge's Theme - Locked Girl ~ Girl's Secret Room
File:SWR Patchouli's Theme Locked Girl ~ the Girl's Secret RoomFile:Touhou -Patchouli's Theme Locked Girl-The Girl's Secret Room ~RemixFile:Touhou Koubutou Gameplay - Patchouli Knowledge Arcade 1cc
File:Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Chant Rebeat HARD PerfectFile:UNL Patchouli's Theme Voile, the Magic LibraryFile:Wiki-background
File:東方紅舞闘 Touhou Koubutou OST - Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room

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